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Water is Deep Here in Beijing V
130x168 cm | LED Light Box


1973                        Born in China

Sept 1991–Juni 1995   Graduate Institute of Fine Art, Tsinghua

                               University, Beijing B.F.A

Sept 1997–Juni 1998    Graduate Hogeschool voor de Kunsten,

                               Academie voor Beeldende Vorming

Currently                   lives and works in Beijing.


Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2010   Bu Hua’s works, Eastation Gallery, Beijing, China

2009   Beauty, Nihaoart Gallery, Xiamen, China

2009   Meeting again without Panic Digital art China, Beijing, China

2008   Man-Made Fairyland, Sipek Gallery, Shanghai, China

2008   Bu Hua, Yi Dong Gallery, Shanghai, China


Selected Group Exhibitions:

2011   Scope Basel 11, Fang Gallery, Basel, Switzerland

2010   Bazaar Art Jakarta 2010, Fang Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia

2009   Animamix Biennial, Shanghai, China

2009   Digitle Art of China @ China, Beijing, China

2009   Digitle Art of China @ Malaysia, Malaysia

2009   Digitle Art of China @ Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China

2009   SHANGHYPE! London, UK

2009   Art Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan

2009   Moving Pictures-Coreana Museum of Art, South Korea

2009   Slovenia graphic art Biennale, Slovenia

2009   Present Tense Biennial, San Francisco, USA

2009   Big Word: Chinese Recent age art show, Chicago, USA

2008   Chinese Fanrasy-Found Museum, Beijing, China 

2008   Mizuki throughout the day Film Academy, Beijing, China

2008   International New Media Art Triennial, Beijing, China

2008   The 7th Shanghai Biennale – Express City Express Bus,

          Shanghai, China

2008   The 5th Busan Biennale, Busan, Korea

2008   The 7th Urban Nomad Film Festival, Taiwan/Switzerland

2008   Infantization, Taipei, Taiwan

2007   Changwon 2007 Asia Art Festival-Peach Flower, Korea

2007   Infantization Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shanghai, China


Bu Hua is a representative figure in the field of contemporary Chinese animation. Based on her solid approach to block printing and illustration, she has developed a unique language of animation. Her work Savage Growth connects to the theme of the Biennale in two interrelated ways. First, it portrays migration in developed countries, which are likely to benefit from the ensuing relocation of resources. Second, due to globalization, a larger group of people migrate from or sometimes to developing countries, seeking to maximize their own interests. Everyone on this planet is influenced by globalization both positively and negatively and has to make his/her own choices. But the instability that comes along with constant migration will inevitably become a common feature of the modern world. 
Zhang Qing.