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Other Side of Heaven
78.7x51.2 in | Silk, rabbit fur, spray paint, glitter, acrylic paint, transluscent fabric, beads, pearls, rhinestone
July 2009


New York based Taiwanese artist Catherine Chiao-Ju Lan utilize fashion elements to explore themes of female identity through the idea of painting.The materials: fabric, faux fur, pearl, rhinestone, acrylic, spray paint and glitter are used to collage and assemblage into painting-relief and the Baroque-style structure that deconstruct the pop mythos of classical narrative characters. She continues to explore the theme of female identity through contemporary perspective infused with the more recent influences of popular culture and pop art.


1980   Born in Taiwan, Taipei

1990   Immigrated to Melbourne, Australia

Currently living and working in Queens, New York


2007-09   MFA, Yale School of Art, painting department, United States

2006-07   Post-Diploma, National Higher School of Fine Art (Ecole

                nationale supérieur des beaux-arts, ENSBA)

                Paris, France 

2003-06   Artist Diploma (DNSAP), National Higher School of Fine

                Art (ENSBA), Paris, France

1999-03   Central Academy of Art, Beijing, China    


Awards :

2009                 New York Arts Beijing Residency

2007 – 2009      Andrea Frank Foundation Sanyu Scholarship Fund

2004                 Lexmark European Painting

                        Competition, Selected France (14 artists)

1997                 2nd award, Self-Portrait section 25 yrs and under,

                        Dandenong Festival of Art  and Music,

                        Victoria, Australia



2011  Aug-Sep   Washington Art Association, Project Space, CT, USA


Solo Exhibitions: 

2005   Salt Musical Garden, performance/installation, National

          Heigher School of Fine Arts, Paris, France.

2000   Works of Lan Chiao-Ju   Contemporary Gallery, Beijing, China.


Group Exhibitions: 

2010   Subtle Arrangements   Gelabert Studios Gallery, New York, NY

          Ornamentalshmentalism : Who's Afraid of Pattern &

          Decoration?, Kathleen Cullen Gallery, New York

          Redi-Mix, Curated by James Hyde, Kathleen Cullen

          Gallery, New York

          Pop Americana, Trattorina Cinque, New York

2009   Interlacing, New York Arts Space, Beijing, China

          NAGAS Juried International Competition Exhibition, North

          American Graduate Art Survey, University of Minnesota, 

          United States

2008   MFA Returning Exhibition, Yale School of Art Gallery, United


2007   Open Studio, ENSBA, Night club Guillontine, Paris, France

2006   Conversations, Left Gallery, ENSBA, Paris, France.

          Wall Painting Project, performance, College Franco-

          Britannique, Cité Universitaire, Paris, France.

          Concert LHA, Nicolas Fretel, (La Muse en Circuit), Theâtre

          National de la Colline, Paris.

2005   Wall Painting Project, (participation with French artist

          Stephane Callais), ENSBA, Paris, France

          Cultural Weekend, Belgium House, Cité

          Universitaire, Paris, France.

2004   L’instant d’avant, Space Console, Paris, France.

2003   Selected Works, School