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Blue Isolation No.18
120x230 cm | Oil on Canvas



1971   Born in Shaanxi

1994   Graduated from Oil Painting Department of Xi’an Academy

          of Fine Arts, of a master’s degree.


Solo Exhibitions

2012   Living on the surface —Wang Fenghua Solo Exhibition Space

          Station, Beijing, China

2011   Wang Fenghua, CIGE, Beijing, China

2010   Blue Isolation -Wang Fenghua, Gallery J.Chen, Taiwan

2010   CIGE -Wang Fenghua, Beijing, China

2008   Urban Bach-Wang Fenghua, Gallery J.Chen, Taiwan


Group Exhibitions

2013   Mirror & Shadow: Contemporary Art from China, Fang

           Gallery, Indonesia National Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia

2012   Strayed Representation, Tang Contemporary Art, Beijing,


2012   Melting  poin  contemporary art show in xi’an, Xi’An, China 

2012   John Moores painting prize, Shanghai, China

2012   IN TIME . Chinese Oil Painting Bienniale China Museum of

          Fine Arts Beijing, China

2011   Chen du Biennale,Chen du, China

2011   Future Pass, Venice ,Rotterdam, Taipei, Beijing, China 

2010   RESHAPING HISTORY Chinart from 2000 to 2009, Beijing,


2009   First Chongqing Biennale for the Young Artists, Chong Qing,


2009   Qujiang International Contemporary Art Festival, Xi’An,


2009   The Eleventh National Art Exhibition, Wu han, China

2009   “Beyond the Border”, Cheng du, China

2008   “Relations”in Rope SpaceExhibitition, Xi’An, China

2008   10 Years of Contemporary Art in Xi’an Back Flash, China

2007   Contemporary Chinese Art Exhibition in Israel, Israel

2007   The GROUP EXHIBITION of LEE Wonchul, SHIROTA Keisuke

          and WANG fenghua, Taiwan

2007   Contemporary being, Shanghai, China

2007   Xi’an Documenta, Xi’an, China

2007   Taipei art show, Taiwan

2007   Korea art show, Seoul, Korea

2007   Human Ability, Seoul, Korea

2007   Picking Morning Flowers in the West, SOOBIN Gallery,


2007   Manchester Art Show, Manchester, UK

2007   The Exhibition of Wangfenghua and Guotao of Two Artists,

          London, UK

2005   Knustwerk Art Ware House Exhibition, Paris, France

2005   Come from The East: Face to Face, Contemporary Art

           Exhibition, Berlin, Germany 

2005   Being Underway: Exhibition on Contemporary Art, Shenzhen,


2005   Land of Warmth, Shanghai, China

2004   Dialogue Between Two Painters, Coningsby Gallery, London,


2004   Sharing-Renovation-Exhibition on Contemporary Art, Xi’an,


2003   International Exhibition on Sketch Works, Beijing, Xi’an,

          Guangzhou, China

2003   The Young Artists ‘ Works, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

2003   West, Seoul, Korea;Paris, France

2002    Art from West of China, Paris, France;Oslo, Norway

2002   The 3rd International Open Festival of Performance Art,

           Xi’an, China

2002   Adornment:Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Xi’an, China

2001   Art from West of China, Xi’an, China

2001   Overlooking the Region-Exhibition of 7 Artists, Shanghai,